Allied Heath

We have found that a multi-disciplinary approach to shoulder pain often brings significant advantages.


Maintaining a healthy mind and body with regular yoga practice complements many other treatment approaches.


Keeping your core strong through functional training approaches has many benefits.  We have a Strength & Conditioning team at SSC who work with our patients when they have reached a level where they can work beyond basic physiotherapy rehab, and we have also found the team at Dublin Sports Clinic to be top class in maximising the health and wellness of our patients.


We have worked extensively with some very talented massage therapists who can help with myofascial pain, muscular tightness and neck and shoulder discomfort.  Peter Mathews has partnered with us to help many of our patients (as well as ourselves!).


Amy Charlie Yogi is one of our favourite yoga teachers. Her classes offer many benefits for mind and body. Currently during the pandemic, Amy runs a Monday evening 6pm class on Zoom every week that is donation-based, and recordings are available afterwards. Contact Amy ( for more details.