Shoulder Rehabilitation Exercises


Initial Post-op Exercises

Sometimes after shoulder surgery, you will be given gentle passive range of motion exercises to do at home. If you are given these exercises to do, it is important that you continue to do them at home daily after discharge from hospital until you are seen again at our clinic. The hospital physiotherapist will instruct you on these exercises before you are discharge, if they are advised for you by Ms. Delaney. These videos show how these exercises should be done:


1. Passive Forward Flexion (can also be done lying flat on your back):


2. Passive Forward Flexion sitting in a chair (slouch back in the chair):


3. Passive External Rotation:


4. Active-Assisted External Rotation:



Thoracic Spine Exercises

Your thoracic spine has an important role to play in optimising shoulder function. At a certain point during your rehab, it can be beneficial to introduce thoracic spine mobility exercises. Here are some examples of exercises you can do:


1. Easy T-spine



2. Moderate T-spine


3. Advanced T-spine